Anime Club

Iím sure that at some point in your high school career you have wondered about and stopped by the "anime club". Now what is an "anime club"? It is simply a congregation of fellow anime devotees that screens different series or movies once every week or so. Some clubs even go as far as to play different anime related video games. "Whatís the harm in that Liquid?" Iíll tell you what. The clubs arenít breeding otakus my friend... theyíre breeding fags.

I walked into my schoolís anime club one day with Platy. I stared around at a bunch of kids I didnít know. Bunch of faggy looking kids at that. "Platy I donít know about this." He reassured me itís fine. They had elections that day for president, vice-president and treasurer. I was confused as to why they needed them but voted for Platy anyway. Surely enough he won and they began to play some anime. It was some trashy looking anime called "Legend of the Ninja" or something horribly original like that. Not only that but it was in fucking English. It was clearly dubbed in English. I began to get mad. Several of the fag kids began to fight each other for no reason in the back of the room, using moves clearly not to be used by anyone outside of the animated world. I grew even angrier.

"Yo put in Dragonball!" Platy gave me a blank stare. A few minutes later they announced that Platy had won the vice-president position. He stared blankly at me again. More fag kids decided to shoot fireballs at each other in the back of the room as utter chaos broke loose. Some kid in front of me began to argue the logic of Dragonball; I was getting pissed. He also conceivably thought he was the shit with his all black clothing, black shoes, nerdy looking idiot glasses, and stupid ass uncombed haircut.

I never went back. Maybe I was too afraid that this is what otakus are like, or maybe I was just afraid. Either way, I was informed the next year that the anime club had doubled itself. And the next year it doubled again. With the exception of a few kids, I was sure that the greater portion of them were fags; I didnít even need to go to know. I remember telling Platy that awful day, "Dude, letís go save the environment or something instead." That began our interaction with the club SWEEP. The interest in saving flora and fauna faded quickly leaving us to go home and sleep for 4 hours everyday. If your schoolís anime club is like this, I urge you to disassociate yourself with it, itís for your own fucking good! God help you if you are one of the kids that I described above. GOD help you...