The Forbidden Desires

I look at my wall and I see, in particular two wallscrolls: Naru and Kanoko in towels, and Rei and Asuka in bras. When I look at my wall, I say to myself, "Damn those bitches are hot." This opinion, however, is not shared by many of my friends who comment, "They're fucking cartoons you dickwad." Yes, they are cartoons... but I'm sure many otakus across the world share my lusty fantasies for fucking 2 dimensional cartoon characters. Before I continue, however, I would like to note that having sexual attractions ONLY to cartoon characters may be a serious mental dysfunction. Get that shit checked out or something.

What makes these cell shaded chicks so damn hot? Of course, they're drawn to have perfect figures... I mean you just never see ugly anime chicks (unless they're intended to be fat or ugly looking). All their curves are pefect, their breasts just big enough but never too small, and their panties are decorated with various fuzzy animals. And those fucking school girl uniforms, I mean... FUCK... ing FUCK. They aren't mini skirts that you may see partying at various locations such as clubs and the beach (which I'm assuming none of you penis lickers do) but there's some strange alure in frilled school girl skirts that always seem to be above the knees.

If I were to ask you who the hottest anime chick was, obviously you'd have a couple of favorites. If all anime chicks are drawn to be hot and perfect, however, how would you make those distinctions? There's something besides the Greek bodies that makes us want to stuff those animated heads into our pants. For some reason, which is still beyond my reasoning, anime chicks aren't vixenous sluts like real girls. Don't be fooled guys, girls are rabid bitches that will fuck you over the second they get the chance! Anime girls, however, seem to always stick by their shy oblivious anime guy counterparts till the very end. Perfectly curved, hot ass girls that don't fuck you over... sweet deal already.

The more innocent they are, the more you want to fuck them. It's so true its almost a rule... the more the chick blushes, the more you want her to pop out of the screen while you're probobly jacking off, knowing the sick majority of you fucks in the guestbook and the forum. And you KNOW THEY WANT IT! They'll never admit it till about the last episode and the dumb fuck guy still wont get it.

What the fuck is wrong with male characters in anime?! THEY NEVER GET ANY! THEY'RE SO FUCKING RETARTED! They don't realize they could have ANY GIRL IN THE ANIME, and instead sit around twiddling their damn thumbs. Like this nigga in Green Green, I mean WHAT THE HOLY FUCK lkjaw'ja'po';ko;lakjwe;'ja ANY ONE OF THOSE BITCHES lk;jawe;jkaw;lkeja;' YET HE FUCKIGN OH +FUCKI"PW [paw; 'o