Evasource is Back

I had the humble beginnings of an Otaku. I knew of two, maybe three animes, and loved them dearly. I didnít have access to hoards of illegal episodes nor did I have the contacts to obtain a decent amount of them.

There was a kid in my bio class, weíll call him Mog. He told me about something called Evangelion one day while scribbling frantically on a lab report. "Itís awesome! There are like these huge mechs and shit." Oh shit that sounded cool.

We played Starcraft later that day. I didnít know these kids; I was just the new kid that could play a mean game of Starcraft. "Platy, bring in the tape tomorrow and Iíll bring in mine." said Mog. Platy agreed, changed his race to Zerg and hit the start button. 5 clicks later we were playing.

"Yo, you gotta watch this Liquid." Mog shoved a tape into my hand maybe a week later. I stared at it for a moment, perhaps a few, then nodded. That tape turned out to be the catalyst that ignited the flames of Evasource. None of us knew it at the time, heck we didnít know it till not too long ago, but itís not the anime or the web designing that you love. Itís the drive that makes you who you are, makes you the person you wanna be. Itís...just Evasource.

Remember when there was no such thing as DivX? Remember spending hours downloading off generous people who uploaded their episodes to Freespace? Remember hitting the Crtl-Forward buttons whenever RealPlayer decided to freeze? Remember carrying a stack of videotapes around the hallways of your school? Remember getting pissed about paying 20 bucks for 5 episodes? When Xoom offered unlimited web space, fan-fiction was rabid, and we all had the drive; those were the good Ďol days. What happened to that drive? With so many more distractions, can we afford to lose that spirit that created who we are today? Think back, remember the good Ďol days. You, your friends, and every god damn Otaku out there... we gotta do it. We gotta do it for Xoom... we gotta do it for the vivo player... we gotta do it for those companies that took the hits for the little guys... we gotta do it for Sega...we gotta do it for all the fan-subbers out there... we gotta do it for people like us. Fuck you capitalism, weíre back.

Thatís Evasource my friend. When you think of these things, you think of everything that Evasource stands for. Weíre not just some retarded site that writes nonsensical articles. We might not have been the first, nor will we be the last Otakus, but we know the giddy energy you get every time you pop in that new anime that your friends were raving about. We know. Every time I feel nostalgic, it's sophmore year and that kid I played Starcraft with asked me to update a site he was working on. And that kid from my bio class was in on it too. I wrote that first article, and god it was stupid but I loved it. THAT is Evasource my friend. The passion to write nonsense. THAT is EVASOURCE.