i realized this year that otakon is all about one thing, free stuff!!! we got soo much fuckin free crap from the dealer's room i almost cummed my pants. i got some random bookmarks, mini posters of animes i never heard of and will probably never watch, a bunch of random cards with anime characters on them, a couple of shonen jumps, AND a free Witch Hunter Robin t-shirt and poster! at the bandai thing they showed all these promo vids of animes and we commented on how they make .hack//sign look all awesome and NOT SUPER BORING WITH TOO MUCH GOD DAMN TALKKING!! but nevertheless, we would even lose our minds here and there and keep reminding ourselves how awesome otakon is.

also on sunday, while it was ending, me, liquid, and this other kid went to the registration area where they give you the badges and shit when you first go there. the area was a total mess and all these people were behind the booth ransacking it, like opening all the boxes and rummaging for free otakon paraphenilia. we decided to join in the ruckus and we found some of the dealer's badge, when we showed these to everyone later they were like "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" confirming that we were the shit. people were even jacking the lost child policy board and liquid tried to steal a map of the convention center but this stupid lady told us to get out of there and blah blah blah. damn lady.

of course no otakon-related article is complete without bitching about the quality of people there. i mean what the hell, WHAT THE HELL is up with the stupid ponytail thing? i swear like 4 out of every 5 generic white guys at otakon have the exact same kind of ponytail, i really don't remember seeing this last year, but i DO remember it pissing me off this year. it's like they all get together before otakon and decide to look as generic as possible, some even throwing on some geeky glasses and gaining 100lbs just for variety. and why do the fat ones always wear small t-shirts, WHY!!!!!!!!

music videos. there were sooo mean freakin vampire hunter d videos i wanted to crap my pants. after we watched amvs for a while i felt like i saw the whole damn movie again! also TONS of videos used the same damn footage like trigun or cowboy bebop. that one stupid part where vash is at the bar is in like EVERY VIDEO, i think i even saw it in videos of OTHER ANIMES. we decided that for next year some overused scenes would include .hack//sign where you see the grunty walk into the wall and its face gets all flat, also lots of generic scenes from Witch Hunter Robin which was all over the place at this year's otakon. my final conclusion can only be that the quality and intelligence of your average regular otakon goer is lower and lower, their ponytails get longer and their amvs suck more and more.

hotel life!!! we have sooo much fucking fun even when we're not at the convention center, when we're just chillin and shit at the hotel. we had to force ourselves not to sleep too much so we could stay up late hanging out and get up early enough to go to shit at otakon. this one time we had this brilliant plan to get up at like 8am and shit, we ended up going to bed soo late and when the alarm went off at 8, only me and platy woke up. i see him lift his head and look all confused, reaching for the alarm and asking "does anyone give a fuck about waking up?" when no one responded (even though i was clearly awake) he was like "fuck it" and we all ended up waking up at like 11. i was laughing about this incident for several hours in the morning. one other awesome line was "God knows it's not cho!!!" (when we were talking about girl-getters of the group.. don't ask).