Moogleprnz's Otakon: Part 1

You're not the shit.

Day 1 of Otakon started out pretty well, the train me, Samir, and Matt took was delayed for like an hour and a half or something, and we ended up getting to the hotel later than we were supposed to. I was very pissed at this point.

"Yo let's literally go!" someone probably exclaimed (it's too hard to remember who since we all say shit like that). On the elevator, a lady asks, "where are your badges?" For no reason we all got pissed when we saw other otakus wearing these BADASS necklace chain thingys with these OTAKON 2002 cards at the bottoms with different anime characters on them. "YO," I think I said, "I'm calling the Eva ones!" My comment was ignored, and we made our way to the convention center. I think I was kind of pissed.

After making numerous remarks regarding the astoundingly horrendous number of really gay looking faggots there, we somehow found the registration line, which was long as shit. Big problem for really gay looking otakus, but for Evasource, simple. Well not really, first we actually stood in the VERY BACK of the line, literally like a 12 hour wait. "Oh man! I wanna go wander around! Anyone want to come wander with me?" Before anyone could respond, I went on, "how about two of us go wander, and the rest stay here?" Considering all of us wanted to go wander, we tried playing 6-man rock, paper, scissors. Needless to say, it ended up in senselessness as I tried to cleverly make it so I could go wander around. "This line is so piss long!!" Literally pissed.

Basically we weaseled our way up to the registration but cutting twice. The first cut took place when Eric told us that him and Ed were way ahead in the line. While standing there, we realized that the line actually looped around some other thing, and THEN went to the registration desks. Fuck THAT. Samir and I set out to cut in front of "random tards," or, kids that were too stupid to pay attention to the fact that two random kids who clearly weren't there earlier suddenly appeared before them in the very, very long line. Slowly, we eased our way into the line, pretending to talk. We were RIGHT in front of the registration thing, "nice!" For some unknown yet retarded reason, everyone else hesitated to come, with the exception of Liquid. Once we got close to the desks, they had the thing that amusement parks kind of have, except instead of a railing, it was like this black thing draped over it. Once we got like really close, we kept telling them "Yo what are you doing, get in here!" Immediately, the four of them literally just walked under the things, Liquid started cracking up. Pissed for no reason.

Woo-hoo! We're finally there! Shut up. Me, Platy, and Liquid all got these BADASS D badge thingys and proceeded to fantasize about the possibility of Yutaka Minowa signing them (more on that later, fags). Okay! Finally, we were registed and everything. It begins, you gay faggots. stop pissing me off.

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