Otakon 2005 Pictures

All the pictures here were taken at Otakon 2005 and subsequently posted here with hilarious/cruel captions. Don't take it personally, even though we may insult you personally. Actually, if you do take it personally, please flame us in our guestbook.

Preregistration Line

That's me sitting pensively in the bottom left. I actually didn't even know that woman was there until I turned around by accident, and by then it was far too late. I actually had no idea what the hell I was looking at for a split second. Incidentally, that woman and the guy to the left of her had their elderly parents wait in line for them for the first six hours or so, which is pretty shitty.

I have no idea why this guy has his arm raised in this picture, but he sure as hell did it a lot, and usually yelled while doing so. When taken over ten hours of waiting, that's a hell of a lot of annoying generated by a single person.

Some undoubtedly cool guy with his balloon hat, near the center of the line.


Neo, realizing that he's at a convention celebrating Asian pop culture rather than Hollywood science fiction, futilely calls Tank for an exit.

I'm not too sure exactly what the fuck this guy is.

A group of people cosplaying as characters from the epic anime Star Wars, no doubt created by Osamu Tezuka.

Line Cutting

We cut this entire line by slipping through a gap in those separator things that you see set up at movie theaters to make people form lines. I have no actual idea what they're called, so I'm just going to call them "separators" from now on.

We cut this entire line by sending Liquid to the front to walk back through the line as if he were looking for someone, while Mog and Tempest walked forward as if THEY were looking for someone and I snapped pictures. After they met and stopped, I just jumped the separators until I caught up with them.

These two guys let us cut them. I originally believed them to be from Australia until they revealed they had speech impediments, one of the few things I actually felt bad about for once.

The Indigo

The Indigo.

Kekko Kamen

This is a shot from one of Kekko Kamen's torture scenes, where one of the girls, who happens to be pretending to be a boy, is tied to a table while one of the teachers slices tomatoes with a chainsaw around her. She is later revealed to in fact be a girl, which kind of makes sense, given that she's going to a school specifically to train girls to be anchorwomen.

A close up shot, where a teacher slices some tomatoes. It's possible there's some bizarre metaphorical sexual imagery at work here, but I kind of doubt it, given how absolutely ludicrous Kekko Kamen is as a whole.

T Shirts

Me holding up the front of the Evasource shirt.

The back of the shirt.

A shot of the people below us before we started screaming about free shirts.

Tempest preparing to throw shirts.

It was pretty damn amusing to watch these people struggle for our shirts. It was kind of like social Darwinism, only not really.

The people start noticing us. Chronologically, this actually goes before the last picture, but I'm seriously too lazy to fix the order.

People grabbing for shirts.

Three of us looking down from above. From left to right, Liquidsnake, Tempest, and myself, Platypus 3333.

A nice shot taken by a friend of ours of people grabbing for our shirt.

Miki Taoka, lead singer of The Indigo, posing with her new Evasource shirt.

Some guy dressed as Jesus advertising that he has been seduced by Evasource.

A blurry picture of Tempest, Jesus, and Liquidsnake.

Some girl who managed to catch one of our shirts and, assumedly, her boyfriend.


I managed to stick an Evasource.net tag onto this guy's fake afro while in motion. The quality of the picture sucks because we were trying to take it while walking behind him.

Amazingly enough, I got the Evasource.net tag straight onto this guy's collar as we were both walking, and he was filming shit with his camcorder.

From left to right, me, Moogleprnz, Tempest, Liquidsnake, our friend Ed, and some guy's arm.

From left to right, Eric, Matt, Liquid, me, Mog, and Tempest. In the front is Ed, who we seriously didn't know was going to do that until a split second before the picture was taken.

Eric, Ed, Matt, Liquid, me, Mog, and Tempest. Mog decided to be hilarious and make a face, resulting in our having absolutely no good group picture from this entire trip.

A picture taken at California Pizza Kitchen that somehow cut off Ed. The guy under the beam of light is our friend Matt, who actually died of cancer seven months ago after we had promised him on his deathbed to take him to Otakon. When the guy handed the camera to us, he had a strange look on his face, and we soon found out why. This was truly an act of God. RIP, Matt.

Tempest and I managed to stick three tags onto Liquid without his noticing.

We stuck two stickers onto this guy, whoever the hell he is.

Home of the Master Chef, and the best cheap source for sandwiches and food that's generally bad for your arteries. That's Tempest in front, with Ed running out to get into the picture. I'm the idiot behind the window slowly realizing that a picture is being taken.

Mog and Eric peruse the menu. In the background is the Master Chef's wife, who doesn't seem to sleep.