The Fansubbing War

Fabsubbers... these people make life what it is. Without these devoted otakus, we probobly would be deprived monkies watching loads of bullshit on cable television (or alternatively dubbed anime on cable television, which may actually be worse). I have, however, noticed that sometimes these people are not awarded the recognition they deserve, and sometimes they are looked down upon. "How could this be possible?" you may ask me. Well my lifeless friend, I'll tell you.

Often, I'll find myself watching a new episode of (insert new anime) and notice that my rooamte isn't watching it. "I'm waiting for the (insert random fansub group) version to come out." I ask why, but the answer generally constitutes a shower of BS. WHO GIVES A FUCK WHO SUBS IT?! I don't understand this concept, I really don't. If you truly loved the anime, why in gods name would you WAIT MORE to watch the SAME DAMN EPISODE IN SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT FONT?!

Addressing the question you probobly asked in the first paragraph, I've heard some smack talk about "AnimeJunkies". Supposedly, their subbing isn't up to "par" and sometimes doesn't make sense. This is a load of utter crap. So what if they change a couple of damn words just to make it sound better? If you want a pure translation, buy a fucking japanese dictionary asshole... its not that big of a deal. Don't think you're cool cause you're too good for an AnimeJunkies translation cause I damn well know you probobly don't know shit about japanese (and if you do, don't watch subbed anime asshole).

I've also heard people bitching about subbing groups starting in the middle of a series. While this may anger the group that started subbing, what in fucks sake does it have to do with you bitching about it in a chatroom somehwere? So what if they jumped in, you stil get a subbed episode in faster than the other group would have put it out. We as anime viewers win no matter what... there are no politics involved... ITS FUCKING ANIME, JUST ENJOY IT FOR WHAT IT IS, NOT FOR WHO PUTS IT OUT.

All you pampered pricks don't understand what it was like during the Vivo era. No one gave a fuck who subbed what because it was such a glorious act of kindness towards the growing otaku crowds. They'd mail you tapes in the mail just for the shipping cost.. IT WAS FREE TAPES IN THE MAIL. Subbing groups aren't gangs, they're just a group of alarmingly awesome otakus. They're not your "boys", they're doing the entire community a favor so why don't you just give all these small guys some damn credit for putting out maybe an episode or two of your favorite new anime?