This is the articles section. Here you'll find various writings that generally don't make sense, speechs, rants, and just all out insanity. We guarantee you'll laugh when reading these. If you don't... well fuck you and get out of here.


We Babble About Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

An interesting look into the Evasource thinking process

The Summer of Evasource

Explosives... your means to achieving greatness

So You Want To Fuck A Love Hina Girl?

Your guide to getting with the ladies of Love Hina!

Star Wars 2

This time we spent ten hours waiting to see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Fucking Star Wars.

The Forbidden Desires

You want them, and I know it...


Stop bitching and just watch anime assholes...

The True Meaning of Evangelion

A message from Hideaki Anno regarding his most famous creation.

Star Wars

A journal of our eight hours waiting to see Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

Ninja Turtles

Moogleprnz recounts his history with Ninja Turtles video games.

Evasource is Back

The origins of Evasource, ranting, and some more. Otakus, we gotta do it...

Anime Club

They don't breed otakus...they breed fags.

Gainax Twinkie Conspiracy

Gainax and Hostess... you better believe it...

Do it the Anime Way

Why Anime rules and real life sucks.

Otakon Reviews

Platypus 3333's Otakon 2005

All the shit I observed at Otakon 2005.

Platypus 3333's Otakon 2005 Photographs

A selection of pictures from Otakon 2005.

Guide to Otakon 2004

Evasource, motherfucker.... EVASOURCE!!!


Moogleprnz's scandalous adventures at Otakon 2003.

A Look at Otakon 2003

Liquid examines Otakon and Platy's sexuality in this overview of the convention.

Guide to Otakon 2003

Platypus 3333's Otakon 2003 observations.

Guide to Otakon 2002

What Platypus 3333 learned at Otakon.

Moogleprnz's Otakon

Moogleprnz's Otakon adventures start here.

The How To Guides

How To Play Tennis

Don't just hit the ball. Light it on fire.

How to Become a Go Master

Become a Go master in six simple steps.

How to Become a Badass Anime Character

With the proper training, you too can make everyone think you're the shit.

How to Become a Pokemon Trainer

Evasource doesn't want you to become a Pokemon trainer, but here, for no reason, is a guide to doing so.

How to Become a Sailor Scout

The world need more heroes in short skirts.