Blue Seed 2 OVA Review

I was surprised to discover Blue Seed II available for download one day as I was surfing various sites for anime; needless to say, given Blue Seed's astounding pedigree, I felt I just had to download and watch it.

Honestly, I never got past the first episode, as Blue Seed 2's creators have apparently put in every effort to recreating the original and unique Blue Seed experience.

Firstly, the characters are horrible. The main female character, much as she did in the original Blue Seed, spends the majority of her time whining, acting depressed, or staring at something wholly irrelevant to the situation at hand in horror because she believes it will negatively impact her love life. The main male character, whose girlfriend addresses him as "Mr. Kusanagi," is an astounding failure to create a badass character. Theoretically, all the proper elements are there; he doesn't say much, he acts tough, and he has some form of spiky hair. Sadly, the hair is green, he sounds like a tool, and the character designers for the series inexplicably decided to dress him in fingerless gloves, a white t-shirt, and a denim jacket with the sleeves ripped off; so much effort has apparently been put into trying to make him look tough that he ends up looking like a joke. His "powered up" form isn't significantly better; in many ways, it is even worse, though this is covered in the original Blue Seed review.

Blue Seed II cannot make up its mind regarding whether it is an action or a romance anime; instead, it attempts to meld both together, and ultimately fails horribly at both. Poor characters aside, the plot makes no fucking sense whatsoever. This revelation hit me at full strength in one long, horrible scene; it begins with the main chick standing in front of a pond, crying because "Mr. Kusanagi" is mean to her. Suddenly, a giant spider looking thing rises out of the water and smacks her around forty feet into the air, where "Mr. Kusanagi" catches her and deposits her unconscious onto the ground. Then he and some other chick start fighting the spider for several seconds before it smacks the shit out of her, too; seeing this, he TURNS HIS BACK ON THE ENEMY in order to check if she's all right. The main chick chooses that critical moment to wake up; her immediate concern is NOT THAT SHE HAS JUST BEEN KNOCKED SHITLESS BY A GIANT SPIDER, BUT THAT HER BOYFRIEND IS HOLDING ANOTHER UNCONSCIOUS GIRL. She musters the energy to say "Kusanagi... that girl..." before she passes out again. In the meantime, the spider, which withstood the attacks of two superhuman characters, is driven off by pistols.

In the next scene, in which the main chick and a friend are lounging by a pool in swimsuits (a pity they're drawn like shit), she is still wholly unconcerned by the fact that she has recently been attacked by a giant spider; instead, she continues to mope about the fact that "Mr. Kusanagi" was holding "that girl." Then she's attacked again.

I'd like to reiterate at this point that this anime makes no fucking sense, and the characters suck.

The fact that this piece of shit is a licensed sequel suggests that the first series, which was downright mediocre if not the worst anime any of us have ever seen, was popular enough in both Japan and the United States to warrant a continuation of the story. This conclusion provides even more evidence to me that an alarming amount of people are wholly unqualified to a. create anime, b. decide which animes to license, and c. decide properly which animes to purchase. In addition, you are all idiots. Stop supporting this crap.