Blue Seed Review

It must have been a few days before Christmas. While anticipating the multitude of lovely presents and stocking stuffers, I had also been informed that my girlfriend was getting me a "surprise". Surprises are good... in general. She gave me a wrapped box. It was shaped like a DVD. I peel off the wrapping with vigor to find... Blue Seed.

"Oh wow I love it." I'll ever regret those stupid stupid words. What the fuck is Blue Seed? I had never seen nor heard of it ever, and the front cover sported characters with slightly homosexual looks. No, tremendously homosexual looks. A DVD is a DVD though, I was like fuck it so slammed the shit into my DVD player.

Suddenly, a god awful screech sounded out of the speakers. Then I realized it was the theme song, "Mysterious Tokyo". Now I'd like to note right now that the anime DOESNT EVEN TAKE PLACE IN TOKYO NOR IS IT MYSTERIOUS IN ANYWAY. That being said, I waited patiently as all the characters danced across the screen, again in a very gay fashion until the stupid thing started. I can honestly tell you that I have never seen a more annoying herione. I wont mention any names at all because I was too angry to remember but she wasn't good looking, she wasn't cute, and she had a very annoying voice.

"God that girl is a fucking idiot," commented my sister flatly. Oh god was she right. What was wrong with her?! Not only did she actively contribute to the decline of the plot (NOTE: SHE IS THE MAIN CHARACTER) but also was the clear cause of any anger that was forming in the room. There are scenes in which there are monsters invading the city and she's pondering about her first kiss FOR NO REASON. YOUR NOT GOING TO GET KISSED, YOU ARE BY FAR THE UGLIEST STUPIDEST GIRL IN ALL OF GOD KNOWS WHAT CITY THIS GOD AWFUL ANIME TAKES PLACE IN.

As bad as the main character was, the supposed "badass" of the show was a bit far from badass. In fact, he was one of the stupidest looking fighters ever, with odd green blades coming out of his arms. Not only did they not look like blades, they had holes in them for god knows what reason. Speed holes?! The basic concept behind the anime is that there are these aragami things, that are monsters and this team of people have to kill it. The main girl character has a "blue seed" inside of her or something because shes the reincarnation of a princess that allows her to stop or control the aragami. I don't remember one fucking scene where she did anything but cower in the corner.

Two episodes later, the DVD was sitting under my coffee mug. God help anyone that likes this anime because, sadly, you're just deprived.