Dead Leaves

I recently obtained the anime OVA Dead Leaves from Platy who waited like a month to send it to me... asshole. Anyway, I think about 2 years ago we saw a trailer for it and we immediately equated it to that part in FLCL where Haruka fights all the cops that bust out of the walls. We commented that Dead Leaves looked like that except for the whole thing. Well, my friends, it was just that.

You may ask what the story of Dead Leaves is. I don't know. Nor does it matter all that much. Dead Leaves is straight action for an hour straight. Even parts that don't involve action seem slick and fast due to the badass animation and art. The actual actions scenes make NO FUCKING SENSE. It's usually just bullets flying everywhere while the characters are flipping around in the air in weird contorted positions. This is followed by an explosion or two of totally random nature. This OVA does not skimp on blood, guts or even sex (as weird as the later of the few seems in an anime of this sort).

While watching Dead Leaves, I was sucked into a vortex of bullets, explosions and badassness. An hour later I came out of it and just said "HOLY FUCKING SHIT" out myself...sitting all alone in my room. I repeated "HOLY FUCKING SHIT" maybe a few more times before IMing Platy and typing "HOLY FUCKING SHIT". Watch Dead Leaves you Naruto watching Ranma fan-fic writing douche wads!