DNA² Review

I was in the middle of my Kenshin quest and couldnít obtain anymore episodes. Shit. Well it was the summer and I had a shit load of time to kill so I started looking for a small anime to occupy myself. I picked the first 15 episode anime I saw on a site. It happened to be DNA² (probably because of alphabetical order for the sake of argument lets say it was fate). I sat there and downloaded all 15 episodes off of Freespace in Vivo format. I remember thinking to myself, "this better be the godliest series ever." Unfortunately it wasnít but it was entertaining none the less.

The opening theme is pretty catchy, although I only saw the opening on one of the episodes, it was cut on the rest. This is basically one of your run of the mill romantic comedies that sports a cast of hot chicks and an inept male. His name is Momonari Junta. Basically he hurls when he sees a chick in the nude, so to say. To say the least, its pretty fucking funny when he gets himself into retarded situations and ends up botching everything. The heroine, Aoi Karin, is cute as fucking hell and is immensely entertaining. I donít think its any spoiler that somehow the plot moves towards hooking up Junta and his best friend Amy. The original part is that Karin accidentally shoots Junta with a DNA bullet that turns him into this mad playa. Ironically Karinís mission was to in fact stop him from turning into one so that the population in the future isnít horribly fucked. Itís a weird concept and its hard to explain but it fits the anime well.

There isnít much along the lines of music. The main theme, like I said, was catchy but the in series music is kinda boring and simple. The art is the typical slapstick comedy art with a bit of flashy romance art. The story doesnít really get interesting; rather it gets downright confusing and irritating when the farting girl comes and some guy turns into a super villain. Just when you think the bad plot ends, it comes back even worse. Oh wellÖ canít win um all.

If you wanna see some nude chicks, a girl cutting the cheese every two seconds, and rather irritating battle scenes, this is the anime for you. Itís sure to get a few chuckles out of you before you decide smash your head through the screen because the plot literally makes no sense.