Ebichu the Housekeeping Hamster Review

Nothing less to be expected from Gainax... Ebichu the Housekeeping Hamster seems to fall into its own catagory of anime; no mechs, no demons, no abstract concepts... This anime essentially consists of adult humor and hamster violence; but even with adult humor and this guy named Kaishounashi, who bangs this chick several times an episode, I wouldn't quite classify this anime as hentai either... it's not that they even bother much with fanserviced panty shots and shit... it's straight up pussy. But because the animation follows a rather simple, comic-like style, they can get away with alot of shit. It's as if Gainax was merely trying to create an anime that tests the limits of a prudish audience.

Ok, enough about that... Plot? Basically theres this 25 year old chick named OL (short for "office lady")... she has a hamster named Ebichu. Ebichu tries to get her master and this guy, Kaishounashi (who's name literally means "useless"), to hook up and get married, but in attempting to do so, the hamster leaks out all of OL's secrets and stuff.... being a slob... going out with a guy that cheats on her... green dildos... ok ok, I'm sure you get the point. So this hamster keeps this up and gets brutally slaughtered by her master literally every scene in this anime... whether it gets chucked up against the wall or gets the shit beaten out of it, the cute little hamster always ends up as a messy puddle of blood.

So anyways, though this series is fucked up as hell and the music is rather mediocre, if you're just looking for a good laugh with animal cruelty and quite a bit of mature humor, Ebichu may just be the solution.