Evangelion FAQ

Okay, this is basic Evangelion for people who don't understand the series. I don't pretend to know everything about the series, but I at least know some relevant material, the sharing of which will help you greatly. This page is spoilers incarnate, so if you haven't seen Evangelion at all, avoid this. If you have a question you would like answered, mail me. There are, however, such things as "stupid questions." There are, sadly, many of them. "Who is Shinji's father?" is one of them. "Does Misato ever get drunk?" is another. Anybody that sends me a question like this will get a very nastily worded reply (usually a form letter), and their letter (and name) will be posted in a very prominent place on the site.


What was the Second Impact?

The Second Impact was in 2001, when some scientists triggered Adam (in its first contact with mankind). The resultant explosion screwed up the world pretty badly, but also led the way to Human Completion.

Wait... that thing we saw? That was Adam, right? A shrimp caused Second Impact?

No, Adam was reduced to that little thing when scientists tried to minimize the (residual) damage of the Second Impact. And that's "embryo," not "shrimp."

Isn't Adam the first human? If so, how can he make first contact in 2001? That doesn't make sense.

All humans did not come from Adam; they came from Lillith (and thus Kaoru called them "Lilims.") All things with free will come from Lillith (also known as Mother Nature), and all angels come from Adam.

Adam looks pretty tasty!

...Shut up.

What was the First Impact?

The one that killed all the dinosaurs (take that, Disney spawned monstrosities!). I assume (but am not sure) that the angel that collided in this case was Lillith, because humans didn't appear until after the dinosaurs all died, and humans come from Lillith.

What's an angel? I'm confused.

From what I can see, an angel is some kind of powerful being that can come in numerous forms (e.g.: a computer virus, a big geometric shape, or just a big frigging monster.) These angels are all equipped with an impenetrable AT (Absolute Terror; for the terror it inspires when people notice that their big nukes and weapons do jack) Field. All the angels want to merge with Lillith, the 2nd Angel (I think) that resides in NERV's rather large basement. Most of the angels possess powerful special abilities, such as the ability to enter minds or lengthen their arms like a roll of deadly toilet paper.

Hey, didn't you say the AT Field was impenetrable? Then how can the Evangelions win?

An AT Field can only be penetrated (or, more accurately, countered) by another AT Field, which every Evangelion is capable of generating. These two Fields counter each other, and each neutralizes the phase variance of the other, allowing Angel and Eva to fight directly.

How can Evas generate AT Fields?

Evas are actually clones of an angel. Therefore, since all angels have them, so do the Evas.

If the Evas are clones of living things, how come they can't fight by themselves? And why do they need power?

I guess something went wrong in the cloning process or something, because the Evas lack the S2 Organ, which powers the angels. And the Evas can't fight by themselves because of two reasons; cloning the mind of something you don't understand could probably get you a bloody death, and I don't think it's possible to clone a soul; as a result, the Evas need the Children to power them with THEIR souls.

Yo, why do they have to get kids to do this crap? Can't they get some older guys?

I don't really know about this, but the kids are all born within one year of the Second Impact. My theory is that residual radiation from the Impact remained in the atmosphere during that year, but was too weak to affect anything but the tiny immune system of a recently conceived baby.

Is it true that Evangelion has nothing to do with religion?

Uh... that is almost completely, utterly as far from true as possible. Forget that, it's totally wrong. First of all, there's religious symbolism all over the damned place. Cross flares... System Sephirotica... Dead Sea Scrolls... the fact that Lillith is on a cross... Shinji gets the stigmata... Secondly, the title is Neon GENESIS EVANGELion. Sweet Jesus on a smoking birch bark canoe, this has to be the king of stupid questions. Next...

Rei is hot as hell. What tips do you offer for dating her?

Uh... ignoring the fact that she's an anime character, and also neglecting the fact that Gendou would have you killed, I would suggest you get her drunk; really drunk. To counter her monotonous and introspective personality, I recommend that you get her blood alcohol level to the boiling point, then offer her something that'll make her get all weepy, like... a bandage or something, I guess. She has a bandage fetish (or so I hear.) To further help her get in "the mood" (and trust me, this mood is pretty damned far from her normal personality...), you should also supplement the alcohol with an antihistamine of some sort to give her some energy. After all this is done, assuming that she isn't dead or comatose, she should be yours, and it's your lucky day.

I'm deeply in love with Asuka. What-

Obviously you suffer from a lack of common sense, a strange fetish for imaginary characters, and you want your balls to get separated from your body. Since she has a naturally high German tolerance for alcohol, and isn't as obedient as Rei (meaning she won't take your drugs), absolutely nothing you can do will get her to even consider you as something other than a target. Unless you're Shinji, but that's a different matter. Stay away from this girl.

Asuka reminds me of Elly, and I love them both deeply. Is this coincidence?

For the uninformed, Elhaym van Houten is a character from the greatest RPG ever, Xenogears. Beyond the fact that she's a redhead with blue eyes, she has absolutely nothing in common with Asuka. I don't see how there can be any coincidence, except that they kind of look alike...

Why are big robots called Evas?

Well, the word evangelical itself means relating to the Christian gospel, but generally it means relating to religion. Because Lilith in in essence "God", and is also the first Angel, the "big robots" are called Evas because they are clones of the second angel, Adam which also relates to the Christian gospel. In the context of the series, the Evas' were designed for the purpose of creating an artifical God by merging with the first angel, Lilith. Just as a question above asked, the series is filled with religious overtones, and this is another example.

Why does everyone wear the same clothes everyday?

I don't know, I wear the same jeans for a week sometimes.

Why does Gendo wear sunglasses when there is obviously no sun?

Actually, he hides his eyes because he believes eyes are the window to the soul, and people can judge you and determine your thoughts by gazing into your eyes. By covering them up, you gain an advantage.

Remember the part when Asuka is in her swimsuit and her jugs are hanging right over Shinji? Why doesn't he do something?! I would have grabbed them!

Thanks for sharing. Shinji is confused about his sexuality and for the most part doesn't really concern himself with it. I mean he clearly has more important things to think about like saving the city and gaining some self-esteem. Maybe after that he can get laid.

Why does Rei have red eyes?

She's part angel, part human so her eyes are a whack ass NON-HUMAN color.

Rei and Asuka had big heads when they were small. Why is that?

Well, I think it's because an anime character develops differently than a normal human being. All distinguishable characteristics of the face appear when they are about a few months. After that, the anime character's body slowly fills in while the head remains intact.

In the Death and Rebirth movie, words fly across the screen really fast and it hurts my head. I have dreams about killing and genocide.

Those my friend are to enhance your viewing pleasure. It shows you whats going on in everyone's mind. If you have dreams about killing things after watching the movie, I think you should act out your impulses in a healthy fashion. (NOTE: Evasource is not responsible for any actions taken by simple-minded visitors)

Hey, I think there is something going on between Toji and Hikari...eh? eh?

...ok not only is that not a question, but it was blatantly apparent throughout the series... you'd have to be some kind of idiot to miss her crush on him. In fact, there is a direct dialogue about this in an episode you fucking idiot.

Why do the Evas always kill the Angel with some puny ass knife when they got these awesome guns and rocket-launchers?!

Though it has not been proven, and no where mentioned in the series, the knife that the Evas use may in some way have AT field-destroying capability of some sort on it. Another remarkable yet puzzling theory is that Angels will run in terror while screaming like school girls when confronted with a weapon that makes big bangs and flashy explosions, though as we see from many episodes, guns rarely have an effect on them.