Neon Genesis Evangelion Review

It was sophomore year in math class when Platy told me of this "awesome" anime called "Neon Genesis." I didn't really know much about anime back then, having only seen Akira, Ninja Scroll, and bits of Dragonball Z horribly dubbed in english on the Cartoon Network. So, I was like whatever, brushing him off. Later that year I finally borrowed End of Evangelion from this kid in my biology class. Keep in mind that at this point I hadn't seen a single Eva episode. After watching it, not only was I utterly confused but strangely spellbound as well, since it looked really fucking awesome. Wanting more, I then borrowed Death and Rebirth and I had a vague idea of what went on in the series. After that, for some reason, Platy lent me the last volume of the series, containing the last two episodes. Not giving a shit that I hadn't seen any of the other episodes, I wanted to watch it so badly and I did. Now, having seen the ending of the series, there was no other option at the time but to somehow find the rest. Toward the end of sophomore year I found the series online to download in the stupid .viv format, gave it to Platy and Liquid, and proceeded to download it with my 56k connection. DEAR MERCIFUL GOD.

Evangelion. Literally. Kicks. So. Much. Fucking. Ass. Even after witnessing the badass of Hellsing and the oddity of Lain, Evangelion STILL kicks ass. The characters are literally awesome, Pen Pen, Kaoru, Gendou!? Even though the art is kind of bootleg in the beginning it actually doesn't even matter that much because the atmosphere and story is just so fucking cool. It's not the kind of anime that makes you want to yell and scream about how fucking awesome and kick-ass it is like Hellsing, you just want to sit there thinking about it and watch the ending over and over again. Evangelion is my first (anime) love. Enough said.


This was the anime that started it all. Now I'm not saying this is the greatest anime ever created but it's sure up there. When I first saw Death and Rebirth, I litterally said "WHAT THE FUCK" out loud to no one. Just sitting in my living room, by myself, I litterally cried out "WHAT THE FUCK". I had seen Akira, Ninja Scroll, and some Sailor Moon but this was different. It was cool, it was violent, it was funny, and I wanted to see more. Mog found this site online with the episodes and we started downloading like fucking fucks.

The series itself is very good. The art is sometimes sub-par which will piss you off. There are also filler episodes that aren't that good, but will entertain you regardless. I mean if you watch anime, there is no reason why you haven't seen this, it's now mainstream and usually the first anime anyone watches. But watch all 26 episodes. Don't stop after episode 1 because it sucks... trust me it gets better... so ... much ... better.


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