Excel Saga Review

Having finished downloading and watching Eva, I recall asking Platy for suggestions as to what series I should download next. Platy, passing the question on to Liquid, returned with a list of four or five possible series. Among these, was Excel Saga.

Finishing the first download around 2 in the morning, I proceeded to watch as I opened my books to study for bio. The opening credits began to roll and I dropped all my books to the floor, as two cute chicks began dancing in the middle of the street with arms flailing for no apparent reason and a catchy, fast-paced, nonsensical theme song plays in the background. First there's Excel, a hyperactive schoolgirl, and then there's Hyatt, who dies every other scene. They both work for a secret corporation callled Across, whose only goal is city-wide domination. When I first saw Excel get hit by a truck, shot in the head, and blown to bits with a bazooka, all within the first 2 minutes, I fell out of my chair laughing hysterically on the floor, realizing that I would be watching Excel all night and that tomorrow I would be failing yet another bio exam.

The animation is downright hilarious and the twisted gags never seem to end. The story doesn't even make sense, though there exists a subplot about a migrant worker, named Pedro, who randomly screams "NO!!!!" and "VERY NO!!!" in nearly every episode. There's also this guy, Nabeshin (Also referred to as a "Hell Ninja Commando"), who is so fucking awesome, pulling AK-47's randomly out from his afro, blowing up tanks and shit.

The anime basically serves to mock and satirize every aspect of Japanese life you can think of, from mangas and video games to japanimation (Sailor Moon, Power Rangers, etc.) and poorly dubbed animes in English. No anime I can think of, can even compare to the sheer randomness of this bizarre series. To say the least, go watch this anime.