At first glance, FLCL may seem like a nonsensical retarted anime. There are however some subtle plot elements that many of you idiots may not have picked up on. Evasource sure as hell isn't the place to come for that information, but as long as you're here, we might as well try to answer any questons you have about FLCL, in our FLCL FAQ.


Holy shit what's going on?!

FLCL starts out fucked up and ends up fucked up. It's hard to get a grasp of what is going on till about episode 5. There is no real "basic" story other than boy meets girl, some mechs get involved, and the boy falls in love with the girl.

What's that shit coming out of his head? How could that fit in there?!

This anime isn't suppose to make any sense so I can't exactly why Naota has stuff coming out of his head. As far as I know, there is this super powerful being called Atmomsk inside his head. The blue robot is some other thing that comes out, for no reason. When it devours Naota though, it gets infused with the power of Atomsk and kicks the shit out of stuff.

That chick is weird, what's the deal with her?

Haruko is actually an alien in search of her love, Atomsk. Since he's inside Naota, she always hangs around him and acts all randy around him.

Who's that homeless girl under the bridge?

That's Mamimi. She's Naota's brother's ex-girlfriend. She's poor, lonely, and all alone. This is why she clings to Naota. She likes taking pictures and shit too.

What the utter fuck is "Furi Kuri" ?!

As far as I know, it's a running gag in the series. It doesn't really mean anything and is repeated mindlessly. In context, it means to touch or fondle, but in reality it means nothing.

Oh man he sleeps in the same room as Haruko! That lucky bitch!

He is indeed one lucky bitch. He's got three girls all over him, Haruko, Mamimi, and Eri. And he doesn't get any fucking ass in the entire series. I guess that's how it goes with all lead males in anime..

What's this Medical Mechanica bullshit? It just looks like a giant iron to me.

I think it's a plant that is place on planets all over the universe by some race and they use it to take over the planet... by uh... ironing it...

Why do they hit people with guitars? Why not swords and stuff?

The guitar thing follows the trend of the anime with the rock / punkish soundtrack. Besides, the guitars look badass.

Uh..the uh eyebrows..



... Yeah.

I want a robot too! How do I go about getting one like Canti?

Try smashing your head repeatedly against the wall until you hear clanging. If you don't get one and you're not dead, try Ebay. I'm sure someone has successfully pounded a big robot out of their head.

Didn't that kid fuck his dad up with a bat? I don't get it!

The dad he hit was actually a fake. I'm not quite sure why but, no, he did not kill his dad.

Haruko has probobly crashed that stupid scooter like 80 times. Why isn't it broken?

She can also dodge bullets and fly. You tell me why.

Why does that kid suck at baseball so much?! It's making me angry!

Baseball was his brother's sport. He loves it but at the same time can't bring himself to play it, in fear that he might ruin the image that he has in his head.

I think he's just too piss weak.

I don't care about what you think. I'm writing this FAQ you idiot.

Fuck this, you guys are a bunch of fucking losers. I'm out of here.

That is till you have more stupid questions about another anime you don't understand...