FLCL Review

The eyebrow guy is cool as hell.

The series only has six damn episodes that somehow manage to tell a complete story. The animation of FLCL is basically what happens when the makers of Evangelion get lots of money and aren't too lazy to make sickly smooth animations and consistently nice art -- no, not consistently, I meant disturbingly. For some bizarre reason the plot is actually kind of nonsensical, and there's a robot that has like a TV for it's head or something. I don't know if Gainax can ever make characters as good as those in Evangelion, Haruko can get REALLy annoying sometimes. There's this one awesome scene though where Haruko meets this eyebrow guy (whose name I forgot) and all these guys in black suits pop up out of nowhere and there's all this shooting and shit, the animation is almost comic-like. Now that I've given away one of the coolest scenes, I'll do it again. There's this one part where the main kid, Naota, tells Haruko he's in love with her (oops) and there's this awesome music playing that's like perfectly timed.. great scene. Kind of weird and not as good as Evangelion but still good! Furikuri!

Watch this if you want to see disgustingly good animation and art and don't really care for plot, robots with TV heads amongst other robots that aren't designed as well as the Evangelions.