.Hack FAQ

Okay if for some utterly stupid reason you're interested in this anime you're in the wrong place. Do not even email ANY of us with real questions. There aren't any spoilers here probably because there's no real plot in this anime to begin with. I don't even know why we have an FAQ of it.


I don't get it, where are they and stuff?

Well basically they are in a virtual reality type of game so everything you see is the game itself, not the real world.

Who is that kid?

The main character, Tsukasa. We're assuming he's powerful because he's quiet and he apparently can't log off the game for reasons unexplained.

Why isn't the guy with the sword wearing pants?

Look, for the 8th time, the anime doesn't make sense. Stop asking retarded questions.

Wait a second... How can the kid not log off, doesn't he have to like eat and sleep?

Well he could be like dead or something, or maybe like something else. I don't know. This anime makes no sense.

Guys, I literally do not understand this anime. What the fuck has happened so far?

Stop trying to make sense out of it, you won't get anywhere. Just watch it mindlessly for no reason, your head might explode trying to understand what is literally happening on the screen.

I was watching the first episode for like the 30th time, right? And I kind of noticed that the main kid looks like Shinji!

Not only is that NOT A QUESTION, but if you're going to make a glaringly apparent observation save it for a real FAQ.

Why isn't the guy with the sword wearing pants?

Uh please save obsessions with the no-pants guy for another website.

Why are their clothes disintegrating in the opening?

Oh my God WOULD YOU ACTUALLY SHUT UP!? Stop asking so many damn questions!

This is a FAQ....


The guy without pants looks tasty!

What the..

Hey, wait a minute! None of my .Hack questions are being answered! What gives!?

God, where do these faggots come from...

Hey, I heard that!


Ugh! I don't see the link to the awesome DBZ site where Goku teaches you how to fight here!

That's because its a .HACK FAQ YOU RETARDED IDIOT.

Screw this, man! .Hack sucks!