Hikaru no Go Review

Before anybody here yells at me, I'm flat out admitting that at first I thought the concept of Hikaru no Go was stupid and I now admit that it is a godly anime. I admit I was wrong!

There is this one part in the opening when the music gets all fast where they show these badass guys playing Go and they're like holding the pieces all cool and they look all pissed off and stuff... it's so awesome. Speaking of the opening, the song, "Get Over" is also mad hot and it's one of my favorite songs and openings. The first ending theme, "Bokura no Boken" is also really cool and for the earlier episodes they make it all suspenseful and shit. I forget what the second opening is called, it's pretty good but I like "Get Over" better. You would think an anime based on like a board game wouldn't really be good but for like no reason the main Go players look all badass and serious when they play and the matches are always so suspenseful.. it's like when you're watching Kenshin you're always anticipating the awesome fight episodes.. in Hikaru you're always waiting for the next awesome match, and they play Go in almost every fucking episode so there's hardly even any waiting. The art is so good sometimes you wonder why the people aren't making some kind of action anime or something. If you watch up to where it is now you get like so anxious for the next episode to come out because the end of every episodes always leaves you wanting more. We're always so anxious for the next one to come out. One of the best animes.

We started out playing Go online at yahoo.com but now me and Liquid own one of those small folding Go boards and when we play we mutter phrases like "such a strong player..." "so many moku..." and my personal favorite, "I just lost stupid amounts of moku..."