Today I downloaded the first episode of Karas. While reviews are supposed to summarize an anime and give you a good idea as to whether it was good or not, I am fairly confident that after 1 episode, I can say this anime RULES.

Ok, so it literally starts off with two mechs like flying through the air shooting each other, and randomly turning into their human forms to cream each other with swords (AND shoot swords at each other). Then they turn back into planes and fly around shooting more, only to change again into humans and start battling on the ground near a city. In the process they blow up half of it killing butt loads of people. Awesome.

They then battle on the ground more, using techniques that make no sense with long stylistic pauses for sword slashes. Some other crap happens and the anime finally starts. The art is really surreal looking and the anime uses alot of 3D in the fighting, which you think would be a shitfest but its actually awesome. The story makes no sense, but thats ok because it looks dreamy in some parts and kind of gritty and dark in others. As far as plot, all I know so far is that those two guys kicked each others asses for a while, there's some guy with a guitar that seems to be able to stop time, there are these "turtles" killing people in public bathrooms, and the main mech guy (who seems to transfer into asskicking mode kind of like Guyver) creams this wrestler dude, who actually isn't a wrestler at all and turns into a huge mech of some sort. Oh and there's this awesome part in the Karas / Wrestler fight where Karas does all these sword slashes, and they pause on the screen and you see all these black feathers for no reason and like all the slashes start rotating and creaming and ... I actually have NO idea what was going on but it looked SO FUCKING AWESOME. As long as it stays this way, it'll kick ass even if the plot continues to make no sense.