Lain FAQ

Lain, like Evangelion, has many unanswered questions and mysteries. The answers are merely my understanding of them, so please don't get mad if you do not agree, please don't hate me. If you haven't seen Lain, exit this page unless you want most of the story spoiled for you. If you haven't HEARD of Lain, I suggest watching it IMMEDIATELY, why would you be here anyway...? Unfortunately, there are people who watch Lain, who should not, because they are utterly stupid and could not possibly grasp the concepts present in the series. So please, if you have an intelligent question email me, otherwise I may get upset, and in turn, will not be able to control my actions (If Lain is too complicated, for less confusing cartoons go here).


What is the Wired?

The Wired is a completely separate world that exists within Computers.

Can I get in the Wired while surfing the net?

You have an amazing talent for stupidity, stop wasting it and dispense it to a less-popular website...that, or school.

What is the "real" world?

Finally, someone that understands...

I think Lain is right, there's no such thing as the real world, we're all just hallucinations of some mad God.

That's not a question... but, good work! Now go forth and spread the gospel!

Wait a sec, how did Chisa e-mail Lain, that was her commiting suicide right...?

Yes, you're not lost, that was indeed her. She e-mailed Lain from the Wired to tell her about God.

I think Lain's schoolgirl-like innocence is really, really cute! Any dating tips?

Are you a loser or something who real girls avoid? First tip would be to try to get REAL girls first.. but, if you really wanna mack it with anime girls, I suggest hooking up with the Wired Lain. She's cute, sneaky, and mean (I bet she's real kinky too!). Alas, Lain is only 13, you sick freak. Don't give up...there's plenty of fake fish in the sea!

What the heck does "Close the world, open the nExt" mean? I don't get it!

Don't fret, many have asked that question. I'm pretty sure it means that Lain is closing herself up to the "real" world and entering the Wired(that would be the "next"). As to why the E is capitalized I have no idea...And I think it's backwards just to mess with your mind, your simple, stupid mind.

Whoa whoa whoa wait one sec, stop everything... so Vegita WANTED Cell to become Perfect Cell?? don't even know where to begin with what's wrong with that....

What? Isn't this that really good DBZ site I've been hearing about? The one where Goku talks to you in the chatroom and teaches you how to fight?

........................... no.

Well, screw you, then! (leaves)

........................... thank you, God.

Did Arisu really finger herself to that teacher? If so, how come those animator jackasses didn't show us?

Well, for numerous reasons. First of all, they probably DID animate it, and these scenes lie deep in some secret archives in a Tokyo office building. Secondly, because (assuming the first isn't true) THEY'RE NOT SICK LITTLE MORONS LIKE YOU.

Uh... sorry. Anyway, I don't get all that stuff with Lain and the changing memories shit. How come Eiri was still alive? It makes no sense.

The base idea behind that is that human memories determine reality; therefore, if Lain modifies human memory, reality is what she chooses it to be. And if she wanted to make Eiri some poor Dilbert-like sap in a cubicle, so be it!

I want a bear suit! Can I get one of those things on E-Bay?

If you do, tell me, so I can get one too.

What does Lain do after the series is over? If no one knows she exists, life must suck!

Apparently, she wanders around and visits old acquaintances without telling them who she is. While in her bear suit.

I can't live without seeing Lain! I've decided to end it all!

I appreciate your telling me this. Here's what to do: first, prepare your will, and leave everything to the webmasters of this site. Secondly, do whatever you feel is most efficient and go your happy way... to oblivion. Oh yeah. Don't take this seriously, or else we'll get our asses sued.

Disney sucks and Lain rules! Why can't they make good shit like this? I bet everyone would've paid mad money to see some of those chicks go insane and kill people!

...(cries tears of pride)... oh my God, I've never been so emotional in my entire life. What... what is this salty discharge? Am I... am I the one crying? That is, quite simply, the most elegant thing I've ever heard. I... I can't control the muscles in my face...

...Hey, stop crying. I'll go burn Bambi film cells for you, if you like, and replace all their files with Lain stickers!

...Excellent suggestion. I suggest you start now, those Mouse-loving bastards breed like rabbits...