Love Hina

It was Junior year during music theory that I discovered Love Hina. Ed said it was funny, but I had never really watched one of those "chic-flick" animes. "Fuck that," I said. "Fuck that up its stupid ass." Later that day, I found myself greatly amused by the hilarious antics of Urashima Keitaro and the Hinatasou crew. My god I love Love Hina.

There isn't a single anime that has made me laugh, chuckle, crack up, or just smile more than Love Hina has. Not only are most of the characters hot/cute chicks, they wear skimpy clothing... alot! But to tell you the truth, that isn't why I love this series. The story and characters are just amazing. Every character grows and changes throughout the course of the anime. Even though it's a simple story, there is alot more depth to it that you would think it to have. It starts out as a plot about a guy trying to find his long lost sweetheart, but it turns into a story about change. Even if you're not into mushy stuff, the romance in this anime will entertain you.

At times the series can be rather ridiculous, from Su's mechanical turtles to Kentaro's rocketship. You don't even notice the little nuisances, rather, they blend in perfectly in some weird non-sensical way. The art is amazing (the manga is even better!) and the music is great. There wasn't one episode that failed to make me at least chuckle, and I've watched the entire 25 episode series 3 times.

If you're into crazy violence and mindless shooting animes, this might not be for you. If you're open minded though, you'll love Love Hina. Everytime I watch the scene when Keitaro is dashing out of the girl's hot springs, stealing panties in a blind rush, I can't help but wonder how they created such a godly series.