Metropolis Review

Wandering around Blockbuster I see this lying on the shelf, the cover looks pretty cool. I look at the back, it literally says "from the creators of AKIRA and X." I figure it HAD to be good and that they'd actually have to try to make it bad. The bastards did it.

Popping it into the DVD player I was expecting all this awesome action, like people blowing the literal shit out of each other and shit, mad people dying everywhere, explosions for no reason... the works. But instead there are a few random action scenes, one of which involves the token shitty-aim bad guy who tries to chase after these two other people. That's actually one of the most exhilirating action scenes in the entire thing. Very unrandom explosions as well.

The characters.. my God. The main villain's nose is FUCKING HUGE. The other villian's hair was so retarded styled it actually pissed me off. There's a fat guy that looks like the Monopoly guy that was okay. The only halfway decent character is the main kid who looks retardedly generic. The ONLY female in the entire anime isn't... even... hot...

If you give a remote shit you must be like "Damn, this anime blows!" Well wait until the review's over, bitchass. The one thing that saves it is that the story is kind of cool and has potential that was depressingly wasted for no good reason. The art is kind of Disney-ish, where all the people look different and stuff, it's kind of irritating at first but the characters look all short and look kind of cool, one of the few things that saves the anime. Watch this if you want to see some AWESOME animation and don't really care for story.

God, this could have been so awesome..