Mr and Mrs Smith Review

Ok this isn't really anime but this movie is so awesome I have to review it for no reason. Ok, so the premise of the movie is that there's this ridiculously hot chick (Angelina Jolie) married to well I guess the best looking male actor out there (Brad Pitt) and they kinda just kick the shit out of each other for an hour, then kick the shit out of other people for another hour. This movie has no flaw whatsoever, hot actress, explosions, guns and a totally senseless plot that leaves you just staring in awe at all the explosions and shit. GOD Angelina Jolie is so fucking hot in this movie... its like ridiculous. But there's this movie called "Taking Lives", which, well to be honest, sucked but there's this part where she starts making out with Ethan Hawke and she takes her bath robe off and you see her tits. Sweeeet. Ok so like a bunch of other shit happens which I didn't really pay attention to, then Ethan Hawke murders his mom in an elevator and there's blood everywhere... some more shit happens and I just rewind to Angelina Jolie taking her robe off... she has such dick sucking lips its ballstastic. ANYWAY, Mr and Mrs Smith is a great movie with no flaws whatsoever.