Amazing Nurse Nanako Review

My first taste of an anime that sucked shit. This short 6 OVA series served to relieve the boredom of a Saturday afternoon as a fanservice-dominated series, taking the form of Amazing Nurse Nanako.

Basically, there's this cute chick with a huge jiggling bust, wearing a stereotypical maid's outfit consisting of a low-cut blouse and a short skirt. The plot doesn't even matter; Amazing Nurse Nanako is just one long fanservice, with bust and panty shots galore. There are a few aliens and mechs thrown in here and there, contributing little to an already senseless story. Damn, this is gonna be a short review... alright, so this is the plot. Theres this mad scientist (that at times looks like Ky in his Holy Knight uniform, only with glasses) and basically, he had a maid as a little kid, named Nanako. She died from some unknown genetic disorder, when she was in her early 20s. So this kid cloned her, and spends his life trying to find a cure, by splicing her DNA with that of some alien. The 6 - 30 minute OVA series comes to an end with Nanako lying naked on the beach for inexplicable reasons.

The animation is not bad, with the most effort being put into bouncing motions, clearly for fanservice reasons and though there are a few catchy tunes here and there, the overall soundtrack was mediocre. So, if you're looking to waste away 3 hours of your life with endless fanservice and a story that goes nowhere, your search is over.