Naruto Review

I'd personally say Naruto, a story about a boy ninja and his friends, in all its forms, is good enough to be considered "Evasource." This distinction shouldn't be mistakenly assumed to apply to all the animes and mangas we discuss or review on this site; rather, it only describes a select few that are godly beyond all reasonable doubt. Usually this stems from some sort of consensus between all three of the main webmasters; however, tragically, Liquidsnake has demonstrated signs of being a complete and utter moron. I had my suspicions when he claimed that Ayashi no Ceres was a good anime... these were compounded by his belief that Argento Soma, an Eva ripoff, was in fact better than Eva. Now he watches soccer anime, at the same time informing us Naruto sucks. Or something. Bloody idiot.

Naruto is fucking awesome. Each and every character is well designed, unique, and has a god awesome personality; even the characters clearly designed to be stupid looking, such as Gai and Lee, are cool as hell and make you wonder, at times, just how they can be so badass. Almost every single character is fleshed out and has his or her moment in the story; one of the most badass people in the entire story, Shino, comes out of literally nowhere. Naruto himself is similarly great; at once a confused dumbass and the wielder of some godly power, he is, unlike certain other protagonists, never even remotely irritating. In addition, the action level of the story is ridiculous, never letting up and moving smoothly from one cool conflict to another.

The manga version of Naruto is almost perfect, in my opinion; there is no reason for any fan to avoid reading it. The anime version, although suffering from slightly worse art, is equally good.


Uzumaki Naruto!!! As one of the many new animes Platy discovered, I had my doubts when he first told me about it only because he had previously informed me that he's more into manga now. He sent me the first episode and I flipped through it with Liquid behind me, who said, for no apparent reason, that the art was bad and the main character looks "stupid." Ah what the hell, I thought, and watched it anyway. First of all, the art is fine, it's actually pretty good. Second, the main character is literally cool.. he's this goofy slacker kid in ninja school that can be badass and powerful. Clearly Evasource. I was talking to Platy and he sent me the manga a few days later.

Reading the first 15 manga volumes makes you so anxious for more anime. There's so many cool characters and they're like kids that kill and shit. There's this one bug guy (I forget his name) and at this one part he makes this other kid's arms pop out of the sockets because he controls all these little bugs that go everywhere. There's this other really badass guy Gaara who is super evil and literally says the purpose of his life is to just kill. It's so cool because there's so many different characters and they have their own special abilities and shit. Later on Naruto learns how to use the Demon Fox chakra and he looks so awesome when he does it that it makes literally no sense. It also goes into like the history of all the characters and you get to know them all pretty well along with Naruto and his buddies. After only 2 eps and 15 manga volumes I already consider it "top tier anime." IT'S GOOD YOU SILLY SHIT-EATERS.


Naruto looks dumb. Not the anime or the manga but the character. I'm sorry, but the only thing that had stopped me from watching and reading it was because the character of Naruto looked very dumb. I mean he has whiskers and wears an orange jumpsuit, wtf? The anime itself is very Kenshin like and has alot of cool fighting. The manga equally good. However, I will never concede that Naruto looks cool. I will remain the only Sasuke supporter of Evasource because I maintain my steadfast belief that main characters have to look cool in a dark way..