Now and Then, Here and There Review

The first thing I noticed about this is that the opening music is mad AWESOME, which immediately got me into it.

Basically it's about this chick Lala Ru who has some kind of magical pendant or something that this crazy guy Hamdo wants so his ship, Hellywood, can rule the world. This kid Shu randomly meets Lala Ru and ends up getting warped into some other world where the guy Hamdo rules. While imprisoned he meets this chick Sara and a bunch of other guys and all this awesome shit happened. While I was watching it, I watched like episodes 2-10 at one stretch and as I was downloading 11-13 off Direct Connect the fuckin kid signed off! I was so pissed and I had to wait until the next day to watch the rest, AND on top of that I ended up getting these ghetto ass quality versions of it, I did manage to get a DVD rip of episode 9 or something from that gay kid though. Anyway the art is kind of old style but you get used to it even if you've watched a lot of newer animes recently. The story is really cool, kind of reminded me of 1984 at first.. there is also a lot of death, blood, and misery which are always good. Overall... fuckin awesome. Also the animation is really nice and clean and it looks awesome in some scenes cuz the art is really simple and kind of old school.. the music is mad awesome too.. fuckin awesome anime.

EDIT: if you don't think this is a real review, GO TO HELL!!!!