Prince of Tennis Review

The search for new anime never ends. We (me and Mog) had finished almost everything remotely badass and cool. After watching perhaps one of the godliest game animes, Hikaru No Go, we began to search for more anime that sounded retarted but was in fact cool in its own way. That search led us to Prince of Tennis, now possibly one of my favorite animes.

I can't help thinking back to the beginning of senior year when Evasource was playing tennis in gym. "Oh man like I hit the ball and its on fire!", "Yo, the ball has like energy in it and shit, like freaking screaming while hitting it", "Like the ball is so fast it goes through the racket!" Prince of Tennis is literally this and then some. At first, the concept sounds somewhat stupid, but all the tennis players are so awesome. There's literally this guy that goes crazy and screams nonsensically when he picks up a racket. Another guy has a shot that literally makes the ball roll off the court. ITS LITERALLY AN UNRETURNABLE SHOT. IT MAKES NO SENSE! It's so retarted, however, that its actually awesome.

One piss awesome scene comes to mind, resembling the Kenshin will scene. This guy on the evil team has this move that hits the ball with like 120% of his arm strength. The guy's arm starts like buldging and you can see all these veins and shit. He hits the ball, but like it doesn't leave immediately. It actually just "charges" up on his racket for like 3 seconds while everyone stares. It finally rockets off the racket in a stream of fire. Ok. The badass tennis player on Seigaku (the main team) turns towards the ball, opens his eyes and looks ULTRA BADASS (he looks exactly like Soujiro from Kenshin) "I have to return this ball no matter what." Everyone is like "No Fuji, your wrist can't handle it!" There this like awesome music, you see the ball flying towards Fuji. All of a sudden, his partner in doubles, Taka, yells "FUJI!" He like sticks his racket in the way and you see him trying to hold the ball back, as if it was too powerful. You see a close shot of his face and theres all this electricity and shit going on and he's screaming. He finally screams, "HOOOOORIYAAAA GREATTTTTTT!" and magically sends it back. The guy that hit the orginal shot like starts having flashbacks to when his captain said to never use the move, and you see his face flying through the air, exactly like the Kenshin will scene. He yells "I don't care" in reference to the damage that his arm will sustain, and hits the ball again. It literally goes through his racket, but the return shot in turn horribly fucks up Taka's wrist causing the match to end. The scene is so ridiculous that both me and Mog classify it as one of the best scenes in anime ever.

Even the music in the anime is awesome. All the openings and endings are just plain awesome. Me and Mog couldn't stop listening to them, the songs themselves being on loop for hours. The opening "Driving Myself" and the ending "Keep your Style" almost rival the holy "1/3 Junjou na Kanjou" from Kenshin.

All in all, Prince of Tennis is a cross between Kenshin and the game of tennis. Everyone has their own special moves and stances and shit. If you enjoy watching super badass looking characters cream each other at a game that I now have a new respect for, then this anime is definatly for you. I'd finally like to note that when we related the news of Prince of Tennis to Platy, he flatly replied "Oh, fuck Prince of Tennis." Later he agreed to watch it, admitting that "I should have read more before judging it."


You are meaningless. Prince of Tennis is good.

When I first heard about Hikaru no Go I thought, ehhh it's an anime about a board game, how fucking good can it be?? After watching it, I foolishly realized it was in fact extremely good. This led me to believe that anime with stupid premises may end up being awesome and badass. I somehow thought of looking for sports anime. Browsing through direct connect led me to Prince of Tennis which I downloaded for no reason. Ooooh! Tennis anime!

Yes.. it all went back to gym class where we'd play Ping Pong and then joke about "shaolin ping pong" in the locker room. Oh man! Like you're pushing the ball back and there's all these demons and shit everywhere! For no reason! Screaming in japanese for no reason! Bursts of electricity everywhere! Badass for no reason! Everyday this kind of disturbing behavior would ensue to no avail. It was just a fantasy, a sick one at that. Yes, it was sick for no reason, you sick fuck. Strange as it may seem, THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENS IN PRINCE OF TENNIS. There is this one awesome scene that even though Liquid clearly described it, I have to anyway. It's like the ball is coming toward this one guy and the captain puts his finger up, indicating that he can only use the move once. Hadoukyuu! The screen flashes like 80 times as it shows everyone in shock even though they don't even know what the fucking move is. The guy gets into this stance and pauses for like 8 seconds. Suddenly you see like all his muscles bulge and he yells like crazy as he hits the ball, which rests on the racket for a few seconds as beams of light come out of it. Finally he thrusts the ball into like a sonic boom or fireball for something, and the camera follows it for like 30 minutes as it makes the 10 foot journey to the other side of the court, travelling at assumedly supersonic speeds. You see this guy Fuji, who normally has his eyes closed in that happy kind of way like Soujiro, open his eyes and look super badass when he thinks "I can't let them get this one." The other team watches on, the badass saying "bring the flow back to our side once more." Then the music kicks in. This funky techno beeping kind of thing as you see a close up of Fuji's eye as he finds time to blink and look to his left, where you see this other guy Taka literally holding his racket up trying to push the ball back for like 8 seconds. It shows his face with all these speed lines everywhere with a burst of electricity around his eyes. He yells out "HURRIIIYAAAAAA GREEAAATTT!!!" and the ball goes flying back. Everyone watches in shock as the other guy gets into "that stance" again. He yells out "I DON'T CAAREEEE!!!!!!!!" and the ball goes through the racket. Badass.

Now, I know you're probably thinking something like, what the fuck? The entire review is just a description of that one retarded scene, not only that, but it's like the same as Liquid's, what the fuck are you doing man!? Well you're right you dumb fuck. Only a little fucking jerk-off wouldn't watch this shit.