Sex Warrior Pudding

I've been wondering what Evasource is missing. Then it struck me- a hentai review. Now I'm sure we've all seen an episode or two of hentai and said to ourselves "Wow that's mad stupid looking" or "The zipper on my pants is stuck! SHIT." Either way, I was prowling a torrent site one day and came across something called "Sex Warrior Pudding." It was so stupid sounding I HAD to download it.

Man, Sex Warrior Pudding is AWESOME. Ok, so basically the story is about this team of Sex Warriors (who all have weird warrior names like Pudding and Tiramisu) that basically save women from being raped by these, uh I guess robots that somehow appear in parks and just sodomize everyone. The main character, this guy named Shota, walks into this restaurant one day and the assistant manager just starts like sucking his dick out of nowhere. As she proceeds to tit-fuck him, she explains that he is now the manager of the Sex Warriors, and they get their power from smiles. (Why this involves him fucking them all is totally unknown). Anyway, he basically gets with every single damn one of them, but ends up falling in love with Pudding.

He's not just an ordinary manager though. When he makes any of the warriors orgasm, their Emogauge fills up and they go into "Maid" mode where they lose more clothing, gain wings, and apparently more power. There's this one awesome part where he's about to fuck the youngest member of the Sex Warriors and like Pudding storms in. She gets all pissed and runs away, and he catches up with her and he's like "I have to prove my love to you" so he like fucks the utter shit out of her. Then out of nowhere the younger one comes too and she apologizes for trying to seduce Shota, then he fucks both of them until their Emogauges fill to the max and they go to fight the robots in the park.

The robots themselves are awesome. They each have a special sodomizing power like "feeling" or "licking" or my favorite, "the fan that blows skirts up and reveals panties". Then in episode 2, there's this part where the evil lord of... uh I guess the robots- combines all the robots and forms this uber rapist that licks, feels AND blows at the same time. He has this other minion who's this hot chick named Ai. Basically in episode 2 Ai seduces Shota with this perfume in her restaurant (which actually doesn't serve food, all the waitresses just fuck the customers) and he totally does her in front of Pudding (who is getting totally eaten out by this waitress). When he gets back to the Sex Warrior hideout, the assistant manager like has to test if he got poisoned so she sucks his dick and he blasts his load all over her face, which she proceeds to taste and take to the laboratory.

For some reason, every time the Sex Warriors go to help the women in the park getting sodomized, they end up getting raped even WORSE THAN THE PEOPLE THEY WERE TRYING TO SAVE!!! ARE THEY EVEN SUPER HEROS?!?!?!!? Anyway, I've only seen 2 episodes, but I feel confident that Sex Warrior Pudding will turn out to be the best anime ever.