Trinity Blood

I was scanning Baka-Updates for interesting looking anime to download. Something called Trinity Blood caught my attention. Me and Mog Googled the crap out of it to find an anime with super badass character designs and a plot rivaling Hellsing. It has to be good... it just has to.

Yo Trinity Blood just straight sucks. In fact I'm writing a review of how bad this sucks while watching a super sucky episode. It is the only anime I don't respect enough to full screen and pay proper attention (mainly because the plot sucks, the main character sucks and there was some trashy happy song in the middle of the episode I'm currently neglecting).

When Nightroad turns into his badass Vampire eating form, it almost saves the anime. He looks fucking ridiculously badass! Like a fucking scythe and dark demonic wings and shit. And theres this one scene where hes like to this evil vampire, "You're my food. I'm going to eat you now." Oh man it was so straight up. Anyway, the vampire is in a tank for some reason and shoots Nightroad in the arm. It gets blown off, but then this black mist starts coming around.. oh wait I forgot that like he drains some blood off another vampire and its like circling him in this badass double helix thing. Anyway, the mist starts forming his arm again and he starts laughing all awesomely.

Anyway, thats about the only high point in 17 episodes. In fact there isn't even a coherent story line yet (which usually develops after a few fillers). All in all, Trinity Blood sucks and I now I have no idea whats going on in the episode (because Platy was bitching at me to write this and I don't particularly care anyway). Oh there's the standard action music... must watch Trinity Blood...for no reason...