Dumb E-mails

Everyday, Evasource gets a few emails that don't quite make much sense, or perhaps try to prove the writer's superiority. This section will spotlight a few of these emails to give you a general sense of the stupidity of many readers.

Now because I'm the thorough type.. I always run a search when I finish a series to insure I've seen it all. Hellsing did seem to end kind of unclosed. I ran across your site which made my "must inform these dumbasses" senses just tingle till they giggled. I was impressed.. amazing.. how much you know about an anime.. and how proud you seem to be of this, but... the question lies is that what I was impressed by? no. I was impressed that someone actually has that little of a life. People are proud of many things, have knowledge of many things..some worth bragging about, others not. I hardly see knowing everthing there is to know about a 13 episode semi-good anime as being one of these things. Basically, you may be right, you may know everything about Hellsing, but you're still dumbasses. I love anime.. and I probably know close to or way more than you fools. I see no reason to brag about it like it makes me special. That's all the grace of my words you'll get.. congrats on the honor of a few lines. no matter,

Penisless Jesus

This particular reader seems to think that knowing something about an anime constitutes as being cool. Furthermore, he seems to imply that by sharing this information with the public, we try to feel special. Sadly, Penisless Jesus doesn't seem to comprehend that by visiting our site and taking the time to write a well thought out hate mail, he has contributed to our site, perhaps making us a bit "cooler and special." Thanks Penisless!

Hey guess what dipshit, his name is Arucard. Yes I now that it SHOULD be Alucard, but watch the credits and quit trying to make your self look like a rocket scientist. Maybe whoever wrote the anime was trying to make it sound like Alucard but not quite, but your probably right about the R's instead of L's theory.

Jeremy Greene

I don't plan on downloading an episode of Hellsing to check, but there are two very problematic aspects of Jeremy's argument: A) If the credits officially state Arucard in Japanese, and you simultaneously agree with the R and L problem, it seems that you just fucked yourself in the ass. B) If the credits are fan-subbing credits, it holds no bearing whatsoever. But don't worry Jeremy, I will definitely stop trying to look like a rocket scientist.

Hay what the fuck is wrong with you stoupid jews have you fucks even seen hellsing befor you stoupid fucking jews dont know what the fuck you are talking about


Yes, we've clearly never watched Hellsing.