Fantasy Fight

There are dream fights in anime that will never, ever see the light of day, due to copyright problems. However, numerous fan sites take polls and write out these imaginary scenes, all in order to determine once and for all: which character is better? Which is more powerful?

This is not one of those sites. Here, you'll find fights you could never have imagined without the use of a drug. We bring these to the forefront for your viewing pleasure.

Nosferatu Alucard VS Maehara Shinbu (NEW)

Ayanami Rei VS Iwakura Lain



Nosferatu Alucard

Maehara Shinobu

One's a brutal killer, the other is a cute little chef! Get ready for Alucard VS Shinobu

There are very few that can debate Alucard's badassness. For fucks sake, he's a vampire that uses guns and casts spells! He's notably good at owning other vampires and when he gets really serious, he releases several seals on his power which allow him to start casting illusionary spells that trap and confuse his prey. Needless to say, it's pretty over after that. He's also kinda immortal so..

Who could possibly forget Shinobu, our beloved blue haired sweetheart. Her hobbies include drawing pictures of Keitaro, cooking, doing laundry, and playing with Su!! She may be a bit shy at times, but if you really open up your heart to her, you'll find a caring, gentle soul.

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The lights slowly brighten upon the ring. The crowd begins cheering, thrusting their arms in the air violently. Shinobu carefully peeks out from under her hood.

"Oh man- um" She walks up to the referee and tugs at his sleeve. "Do I- well do I have to wear this?"

"Look, I don't set the rules. Actually I don't even ref the match. Just get in your corner and shutup."

Shinobu glances again at the crowd and makes her way back to her corner. She slowly removes her robe to reveal a pink frilled dress with white ribbons lacing the back.

"Awwwww!" The yelling stops and the spectators begin whispering to themselves, pointing at Shinobu and swooning.

"I- um- ah- that is- thanks!" Shinobu waves to her crowd, her hands enveloped by large red boxing gloves.

In the other corner of the ring, Alucard stands quietly, eyeing the young girl hungrily. "Oh the sweet sweet blood of the innocent."

The bell dings three times and the refree jumps out of the ring. Shinobu walks to the center of the ring and blushes. "Well uh- hi there.."

Alucard licks his lips and advances towards the girl, tossing his boxing gloves on the floor behind him.

"Um- Senpai- I uh- this is my first time!" Shinobu blurts out, now hiding her face behind her oversized gloves.

"Your what?"

Shinobu peeks out over her gloves and looks down. "Well I don't have any experience in-" she pauses " well- ah-"

Alucard narrows his brow. "Wait what-" He turns frantically looking for the referee. "What is this?"

"Senpai..." Shinobu moves forward. "Well if it's you... then its ok."

Alucard steps back cautiously, studying the girl carefully. "Yeah- Yeah. It's all ok, its just me..."

"You won't tell Urashima-senpai will you?"

The crowd begins chanting "Eat Her! Eat her!"

"No I- who the fuck is that?" Alucard is now backed up against his own corner. Shinobu moves in closer and takes Alucards hand in hers.

"Senpai..." She gently places it upon her chest and looks up.

"What, what- what are you doing?!"

"YOU GO GIRL, ITS YO BIRTHDAY!" a voice yells from the crowd.

Alucard yanks his hand back. "This isn't what I signed up for get me-" He looks around again "Someone get me the fuck out- oh my God I'm itchy." He begins scratching his neck violently.

"Senpai what's wrong!" Shinobu places her hand on Alucards face.

"JESUS IT BURNS!" Alucard falls to the ground and begins crawling under the ropes, grasping at the edge of the ring and scratching his back feverishly.

"Senpai you need to take off your shirt! You might have a rash!" Shinobu crouches next to Alucard and begins tugging at his shirt, slowly un-doing the buttons.

"NO STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU RUG MUNCHING CUNT MOBILE!" Alucard pulls a long silver gun from his coat and shoves it into her mouth.

"Mmm, Senpai its too big..." she says with her lips wrapped around the barrel.

Alucard pulls the trigger, smearing Shinobu's brains all over the ring floor.

Alucard is the winner.