Welcome to Evasource yet again. We changed our look a bit, and we're currently adding buttloads of new shit. Areas of the site that were totally neglected are being updated so look forward to that. Don't think that we're updating for you sorry losers. We enjoy writing- every, uh, year or so.


Liquidsnake on 02/14/2008

Read the previous two posts in reverse order. Thanks.

Liquidsnake on 02/14/2008

Ha suckers there is no article. I wonder how many dumbasses just hovered over that here, like "the fuck?". Probably not too many cause we've failed to update this site in a very consistent manner. Oh well.

Liquidsnake on 02/14/2008

OK so what the crap... I JUST found out that they were doing Evangelion Rebuild, like, 20 fucking seconds ago. If Platy had been a better friend he would have told me about this. This is a reminder to anyone else who forgot, and prop to those who are dedicated enough to watch that cam version out now. Worth the wait? Click here to find out.

Platypus3333 on 02/02/2008

Yes, it's been two years or so. I've enabled the guestbook again, even though it'll just get flooded with shit once more.

Tempest on 01/31/2006

Tested out the drawing board shit that Platy put up... and well, it works... Go play with it yourself here and post some content so we don't have to.

Platypus3333 on 01/31/2006

I installed an Oekaki board at Evasource Image. Honestly, I don't care what you draw, just don't suck too badly. In addition, I've fixed the guestbook, which we only just realized has been down for two months. Way to go, Liquid, you fucker!

Platypus3333 on 01/10/2006

I'm entering a poster contest for the movie Silent Hill, which will most likely suck. Anyway, Vote here.

Liquidsnake on 11/21/2005

I just watched the first episode of an anime that warrants writing a review on it. Oh my God. This anime looks...so... awesome... Karas Review.

Platypus3333 on 11/20/2005

Liquidsnake: i deleted all teh spam from the guestbook
Liquidsnake: it was irritating the balls out of me
Platypus 3333: wow
Platypus 3333: well done
Liquidsnake: most of it anyway
Platypus 3333: dude evasource is seriously gonna die very soon
Platypus 3333: even for the resurgences
Platypus 3333: they're of lesser scope now
Platypus 3333: the last great resurgence was the last layout
Platypus 3333: and everytime we've wantd to start it up again
Platypus 3333: we haven't
Liquidsnake: it may die as a website
Liquidsnake: but it will live on in our hearts...
Platypus 3333: yes i know but i don't exactly want the websit eto die...
Liquidsnake: LOL
Liquidsnake: well anyway
Liquidsnake: that was my update for the day
Liquidsnake: sleep, bye
Platypus 3333: your update was teh REMOVAL OF CONTENT?!
Liquidsnake: uhh
Liquidsnake: SLEEP BYE
Platypus 3333: FUCKER

LiquidSnake on 11/20/2005

I cleared out alot of the spam in our guestbook in case anyone actually reads it or posts in it anymore (besides bots). The ever ungrateful Platy had this to say about my commendable work:

Liquidsnake: that was my update for the day
Liquidsnake: sleep, bye
Platypus 3333: your update was teh REMOVAL OF CONTENT?!
Liquidsnake: uhh
Liquidsnake: SLEEP BYE
Platypus 3333: FUCKER

Platypus3333 on 10/27/2005

We've started a character profile site at Evasource +++++. We've separated the site into "cute anime chicks" and "badass anime dudes," because any character that doesn't fit into one of those two categories, like that old dude from Hellsing, simply does not matter.

LiquidSnake on 10/06/2005

I've taken the liberty of writing for my own website. Yes, yes- I know. I am awesome. Thank you, I know.Dead Leaves Review.

Platypus3333 on 10/02/2005

Our latest guestbook flame says "Que hijos de puta, son unos capos." After running it through BabelFish, I discovered it meant "The sons of putas are capos." Now, I know a puta is a whore, but what the fuck is a capo? Can anyone tell me what a capo is? Thanks.

UPDATE: In Italian, it means "boss," in Spanish it means "hood" or "cowl," and in Mexico it also serves as a term to describe "people that run from the authority," or criminals. Why is this important? Remarkably enough, this is only significant in that I can't figure out whether this is insulting us or not. Whatever. This has been the Official Evasource Update for the month of October.

Platypus3333 on 9/14/2005

We Babble About Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Platypus3333 on 9/12/2005

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Review.

LiquidSnake on 9/10/2005

I've written a review on the new anime Trinity Blood. It can be found here. While it sounds badass, in fact it is not... you can hear me trash it more in the review.

Tempest on 8/23/2005

Posted Tempest's Otakon 2005.

Platypus 3333 on 8/22/2005

Posted Platypus3333's Otakon 2005 Photographs.

Platypus 3333 on 8/22/2005

Posted Platypus3333's Otakon 2005. Picture article will come soon.

Platypus3333 on 8/05/2005

Updated the Guide to Anime with definitions that largely don't relate to anime.

Tempest on 7/05/2005

Posted an article about our recent activities and our journey to acquire explosives.

LiquidSnake on 6/24/2005

I've uploaded a review of the new hentai Sex Warrior Pudding. Swear like you're not gonna click that. I've also completed a guide to seducing the fine fine women of the Hina dormitory in my article "So You Want To Fuck A Love Hina Girl?". You're gonna click that too...perv.

Platypus3333 on 6/16/2005

Added more entries to the Guide to Anime.

LiquidSnake on 6/15/2005

I've finally gotten around to updating the Fantasy Fights! This time it's Alucard VS Shinobu. A match made in heaven, no?

Platypus3333 on 6/14/2005

Uploaded Star Wars Journal 2, which actually deals with Star Wars 3.

Tempest on 6/14/2005

Uploaded reviews of Full Metal Alchemist and Samurai Champloo.

LiquidSnake on 6/14/2005

I've uploaded a review of the recent blockbuster Mr and Mrs Smith. You can read it here. Yeah it's not anime but to be quite frank its our site and we can do whatever the balls it is we feel like doing with it.

Platypus 3333 on 6/10/2005

We've begun the Guide to Anime, where we'll gradually define everything we deem relevant, in the Specials section.

Platypus 3333 on 6/09/2005

This is our new layout. Hopefully we get off our lazy asses and update once in a while, but don't count on it.